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Please contact us directly for worldwide orders.

Gloss Vinyl Stickers

We heard the call. The call said "Your stickers are insanely awesome, but for what I need them for they're overbuilt." We offer an

un-laminated gloss vinyl for this scenario. Although highly recommended, laminate is not required with our process. In order to get the cost lower, without using garbage materials, we omit the laminate. Same ink, same vinyl. Cheaper price, not cheaper materials. Still waterproof and resistant to many chemicals but abrasion can be an issue. Choose these if you need more quantity and can handle a thinner sticker with decreased durability and wow factor.

NOTE: Not compatible with full bleeds.  A white border will be added to all designs.

Our most common sizes. Don't see what you want?

Shoot an email and we'll run the numbers.


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