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Eggshell Blanks

The Original EZ-Peel Eggshell Sticker

Eggshell Stickers, also known as tamper-evident, security, or destructible stickers. Once applied they only come off in very small pieces, like a poorly boiled egg. Also printed with the same durable, full color solvent ink set as our vinyl stickers. NOTE: Because of the unique properties of this material, and it's intended function, we do not offer any outdoor warranty or rating. From roll to roll there can be variances in the surface which can effect the overall print quality and lifespan. We have no control over this. All I can promise is our very best. Even being tricky to deal with and having a slightly reduced print clarity compared to vinyl stickers, eggshell stickers are still fan favorites. Choose these if durability and color pop take a backseat to being a total nightmare to remove.


Other than to support essential businesses and services, Stickerfied will temporarily cease production as the state of North Carolina enters into "lockdown" to slow the spread of this wretched virus known as COVID-19.


Please stay safe, wash those hands, and try not to pick your nose... too much. Those pollen boogers can be irritating, I know.


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Full Color Blank Eggshell Stickers

Printed blanks that will be subbed in and out according to no schedule whatsoever.

Comes in schmancy packaging.







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