Eggshell Stock Levels

Be warned, we've entered into the "red zone" with our on hand supply of eggshell material. It basically means we're getting low. We never know if the next order will be for 300 pieces or 30,000 pieces, so we keep a running reserve of 1700 square feet. When we dip below that number, that's when I start getting a little nervous. This is a trickle down effect of issues with our supplier's supplier and even their suppliers suppliers. It's just the way it is right now with inks, substrates, parts, etc. There are many other types of eggshell immediately available, but I'm very particular about all of the materials we use, so we wait.

Our container is due to be here on 8/12/20, but hard dates and shipping services do not mix well these days. What that means for you is, depending on when your order is placed, it could go through production as normal and you'd be none the wiser... or it could be hung up for a few days. All I know for sure is that we will run out. Whether or not that will have any bearing on actual turnaround times is unknown. I've tried very hard to keep ahead of supply side problems but sooner or later it was going to get us, and it's got us. As usual we will do the best we can for you and that's about all I can promise at the moment.

Thank you! -Ryan